Access AWS if Stax is unavailable

Learn what to do if Stax is unavailable and you need to access your AWS account.

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Inability to Access the Stax Console/API

Stax manages your access into AWS. If Stax is unavailable, we suggest that you follow the below advice to get into your AWS accounts. The status page will be updated once Stax is operational again.

Inability to Access the Stax Console/API

AWS access is managed by the Stax Identity Broker. In the event that the Stax Console and Stax API are unavailable, the Stax Identity Broker will still function. This is because the Identity Broker operates within your Security Account. It is advisable that you save the URL of the Identity Broker login page for each AWS account. The URL aligns to the following format:<customer_alias><role_name>-<aws_account_id>

For example:<customer_alias>

It should be noted that you will not be able to edit user details or create any new users whilst Stax is unavailable. You will only be able to login to AWS accounts with existing users.