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  • Retrieving short-term API Credentials

    Last updated 22 Apr 2021

    The Stax API requires that short-term credentials are used for making API requests. These can be retrieved using the Stax Console or API Tokens.

  • Networks VPC Sizes

    Last updated 21 Apr 2021

    Stax Networks makes the challenging task of managing VPCs simple. It automatically allocates VPC and subnet IP ranges from a range you specify. VPCs and subnets of different sizes are supported.

  • Account Ownership Models

    Last updated 21 Apr 2021

    When you use Stax to manage your AWS accounts, you can enter into different AWS account ownership models.

  • Email Address Format

    Last updated 21 Apr 2021

    Stax-managed AWS accounts require email addresses. It is important to ensure that these addresses adhere to both AWS and Stax requirements.

  • Notifications

    Last updated 21 Apr 2021

    Receive customized notifications for changes to your cost and compliance posture