How Stax Helps Businesses Align with the AWS Well-Architected Framework

The Framework can help you ask the right questions of your team to help guarantee success. But if you use Stax, you can also provide the correct answers. 

The AWS Well-Architected Framework offers businesses in the cloud an idea of what "best practice” looks like, so they can make sure they’re headed in the right direction.

Adhering to the Framework should be a priority for any organization, but the challenge for most customers is finding time and expertise to follow the recommendations of the Framework, while still delivering value to their customers at speed.

That’s where Stax comes in.

Maintain best practices at scale with Stax's automation features. Avoid unwelcome surprises with visibility over your entire AWS footprint. And ensure you're taking advantage of the latest AWS features safely, with an evergreen foundation.

Stax helps businesses align with the Well-Architected Framework

Download the full infographic to learn how Stax can help your organization to become Well-Architected.

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