A strong AWS cloud foundation for success

Stax gets you started with best practice engineering.

Secure by design

By using Stax, you can guarantee you begin your cloud journey on the best possible footing. With an AWS-endorsed architecture for a multi-account cloud environment, along with segregated account access, your environment is inherently secure and ready to scale as your business grows.

Secure AWS accounts, always

Stax uses Account Assurance to automatically apply security controls to any new AWS accounts you create. This makes your accounts more resilient and resistant to external threats right from day one.

Keep track of your AWS activity in one place

The Stax Logging Account provides a source of truth for all auditing and log information of activity. This applies to all Stax-managed accounts where logging services are enabled and configured. For additional security, this account can be limited to a select few users.

Security management made simple and centralized

The Stax Security Account keeps all security controls centralized. To protect Stax resources and maintain platform integrity, Stax attaches a default policy to your AWS Organization. You can choose Stax-defined Policies or define your own.


By using Stax, Event Hospitality & Entertainment had an AWS foundation ready in days, enabling a rapid migration to the cloud

“Stax was invaluable in making sure the foundations were built the same way. Everything, regardless of which business unit you’re in runs at the same standard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What AWS accounts are created automatically by Stax?

By default, Stax is configured to create a Master account, Security account and a Logging account. Together, the Security and Logging accounts comprise your foundation accounts, giving you complete visibility of all activities and enabling you to manage security policies.

How does Stax keep new AWS accounts secure?

Stax applies native AWS security controls such as Amazon GuardDuty to all new accounts. By providing a centralised control and configuration tool — the Security account that is created by default – our platform also makes it very easy for your organization to manage security and compliance issues across all AWS accounts that you may create in the future.

What kind of support is available when getting started with Stax?

We provide full documentation for our Cloud Management Platform, which contains all the information you need to get started with Stax. You will find sections on accounts, workloads, networks, views, notifications, cost management, risk management, events and more in the Stax documentation, covering all of the tasks that your team may need to perform.

In the event you have a question that you cannot find the answer to in our documentation or you simply need urgent assistance with a technical issue, you can open a new support case directly from your Stax console. Once opened, our team will respond as soon as possible.