How a successful cloud ecosystem facilitated service improvements, cost savings, and increased data security.

Flybuys Transforms Their Member Experience with Stax

The Challenge

  • A demerger created a need to rapidly migrate Flybuys’ members loyalty applications and data from Coles, and build onto a new hosting platform
  • This needed to be completed within strict contractual timelines for separation, and onto a platform that could scale to manage growth
  • No technical resources were available from day one

The Stax Solution

  • Provided the platform needed to host member data and applications within AWS
  • Provisioned a new and secure AWS environment through the Stax platform
  • Facilitated rapid deployment to a secure, automated, evergreen platform in just three weeks
  • Delivered ongoing cost reporting and optimization functionality

The Results

  • Began building in the cloud within three weeks, focusing on enhancing the member experience
  • Could onboard B2B partners like Catch in parallel to the migration
  • Improved campaign performance by up to 1600%
  • An initial forecast indicates cost savings of USD $400k per annum

About Flybuys

Flybuys is one of Australia’s leading customer loyalty programs, with 8.6 million active members across two-thirds of Australian households, and a 26-year history in the country.

A smooth transition with Stax

Flybuys leveraged Stax to quickly establish their cloud foundations with hardened, secure accounts compliant with the Well-Architected Framework, and guardrails to prevent misuse.

Following the successful delivery, Stax provided automated maintenance and updates to the underlying AWS services, freeing Flybuys from time-consuming maintenance. The cost management features within Stax also provided access to high-quality data and reporting capabilities not available within native AWS tools.

Business improvements over maintenance

By working closely with Stax and Versent, Flybuys was able to remain operational while establishing secure cloud foundations in less than three weeks. With these in place, during the migration the company successfully onboarded a new major partner and built a world-class identity management platform.

As a result of the strong AWS ecosystem and subsequent transformation with Stax, Flybuys was able to:

  • Focus on higher value business tasks during the migration, not platform maintenance
  • Onboard a new partner to the platform
  • Build a world class customer, partner and member identity management platform with Ping Identity
  • Forecast initial cost savings of up to USD $400k per annum
  • Improve campaign performance by up to 1600%

“This was a large-scale, ambitious project to undertake, we had to make sure we chose the right partners to take on that project and get us to the position we are today”

Brad Blyth, Chief Technology Officer, Flybuys

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