Deploy a Workload

Learn how to deploy a Workload using Stax.

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Once you have uploaded your manifest file and the new Workload Catalog Item becomes available for use, you can now deploy this Workload Catalog Item to any of your Stax-managed AWS accounts, or even to all of them at once.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have the permission level of User or greater
  • Ensure the account to which you wish to deploy has been created (see Create a Stax account)

Deploy a Workload

  1. Log in to the Stax Console
  2. Click on Workloads in the left hand nav
  3. Click Catalog in the sub-menu, beneath Workloads
  4. Select a Workload in the list
  5. Select a Version or click Deploy latest for the latest version
  6. Click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) on the right of the Version name
  7. Click Deploy
  8. Input the Name, Deployment Destination details, Tags and Parameter details
  9. Click Deploy

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