Set Up Targeted Rule Alerts

Ensure that the right alerts get to the right person at the right time using Targeted Rule Alerts.

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Targeted Rule Alerts are a type of Notification within Stax which informs you when resources or rules become noncompliant. Properly configured Rule Alerts can help reduce noise and time to resolution for any issue within AWS.

Before you Begin

  • Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes
  • Ensure you are a member of the Admin role in your Stax tenancy
  • Determine which channel to use for notification, and have the appropriate access to configure the recipient (Email, Slack, Webhook or Microsoft Teams)
  • Ensure you have enabled Real-Time Rule Alerts. This is enabled by default for Stax platform customers, or optionally for Stax Cost & Compliance Enterprise-level customers

Configure a Targeted Rule Alert

  1. Log in to the Stax Console

  2. Open the customer menu in the left-hand nav (click the arrow next to your organization alias)

  3. Select Notifications from the customer menu

    Stax User Settings
  4. Click the Create Notification button at the top right-hand side of the page

    Choose Notification Delivery Method
  5. Choose either Email, Slack, Webhook or Microsoft Teams as the delivery method*

  6. Select a View and Segment you'd like to receive notification alerts for.

  7. Select Resource-Level or Rule-Level Alerts, depending upon your preference. Choose to receive notifications for either all rules, specific rules, or filtered alerts.

    Once you've chosen the alert type, you can filter further to receive notifications for either specific Rule Bundles or severities. You can also select rules you'd like to specifically exclude.

    Notifications - Select Alert
  8. Click Next

  9. Click Create Notification

*Each Delivery Channel will require slightly different information as part of the configuration process:

* Email: You will be asked to provide recipient email addresses 
* Slack: You will be asked to connect your Slack instance to Stax and choose a Slack channel as the recipient
* Webhook: You will be asked to provide a URL
* Microsoft Teams: You will be asked to provide a URL. This URL is the URL of your Teams channel _Connector_.  If you are unsure how to create a Microsoft Teams URL, please follow the instructions [here]( 

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