Manage Rule Bundles

How to add, edit and remove Bundles, and using Rule Bundles in your Rules list.

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Rule Bundles help you better organize your Rules in Stax, and makes it easy to ensure compliance to external standards or internal frameworks, by simply adding bundles of Rules to your Rules list at a time.

There are two types of Bundles in Stax -

  • Pre-configured Bundles (which you can edit) - which are either aligned to best practise for a particular AWS service, or an external framework such as the CIS Benchmark.
  • Your Organization Rules Bundle, which is composed of Rules that members of your team have created specifically for your team to monitor (previously called Custom Rules). Whenever someone in your organization creates a new Rule, it'll automatically be added to your Organization Rules Bundle.

This article explains how to use Rule Bundles in Stax, including how to add Bundles to your Rules list, how to edit them, and how to remove them.

Before You Begin

You must be an Admin in Stax to add, remove and edit Rule Bundles. If you're not an Admin but need to be, ask your Admin colleague to update your status in Settings.

Add a Bundle

  1. Log in to Stax

  2. Go to Rules → Bundles → Available Bundles.

  3. You will see a list of Bundles that have not been added yet but are available to add to your list.

  4. Selecting a Bundle. This will take you to a summary of the Bundle’s Rules.

  5. Select the Rules you wish to apply, disabling those that either don’t apply to your use-case or that you would like to remain out of scope. Disabled Rules won't be monitored or collected.

  6. Once you’ve edited the Bundle, select Add Bundle to add it to your Organization.

    Add Rule Bundle

You can see which Bundles have already been enabled for your organization under Our Bundles.

Remove a Bundle

  1. Access your Bundles from: Rules → Bundles → Our Bundles.
  2. Select the Bundle you want to remove to go to the summary of the Bundle's Rules.
  3. Select Remove Bundle. This Bundle of Rules will no longer be part of your organization's rules.
Remove Rule Bundle

Keep Bundles Up To Date

Rule Bundles are versioned to support the addition and removal of rules within a bundle, as well as to stay aligned to industry standards.

To stay locked on a version, turn off the Auto updates toggle on the bundle page - until you manually activate a different version, nothing will change.

Some Rule Bundles (such as those aligned to external standards) have Auto updates turned off by default. If you choose to opt in to Auto updates, we will automatically upgrade you to the latest version when one becomes available. You may always downgrade to a previous version at any stage, and any compliance history will be preserved.

Identify Bundles on the Rules Page

Rules that are part of a bundle will have a tag with the Bundle name next to the Rule name. This will help you quickly understand why that Rule is relevant and which Bundle it is in.

Use the Bundle Filter

On the main Rules page, you can filter the list of Rules by the Bundles that are enabled for your organization by clicking on the bundle name next to the rule or by using the drop-down at the top of the page.

Filter Rules