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Notifications is a feature within Stax that allows you to stay abreast of changes to cost and compliance without needing to check the console. There are two types of Notifications that can be configured: Reports and Alerts. Reports provide detailed information about cost and compliance within your accounts, whilst Alerts provide notifications when certain criteria are met. For example, you can configure an alert to be triggered when you reach 90% of your monthly budget for AWS usage.

Delivery Channels

Stax provides multiple delivery channels for notifications. Each channel is visible on its own tab on the Notifications page.

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Webhook
  • Microsoft Teams


Email notifications are divided into two sections:

  • Personal notifications provides an overview of notifications that you have created or notifications which list you as a recipient. In addition to this, a number of default notifications are made available, identifiable by a purple checkmark
  • Organization notifications lists all notifications created within your organization that do not dispatch to an individual, but rather to a generic email address, Slack or Microsoft Teams channel, or to a Webhook


Stax supports connecting a Slack instance and sending notifications to channels within that Slack instance.

Microsoft Teams

Stax supports connecting a Microsoft Teams instance and sending notifications to channels within Microsoft Teams.


If the defined delivery channels above do not support your use case, you can create a Webhook notification to send the notification to an endpoint of your specification. This payload can then be modified and delivered to your own internal systems for processing.

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