Connect your on-premises data center to Stax using AWS Direct Connect or Site-to-Site VPN.

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Stax Connections allows you to use AWS Direct Connect or Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network (VPN) to securely link your on-premises environment to your Stax-managed AWS accounts. You can create, view and manage all your connections from a single location in the Stax Networking Service.

Direct Connect

Stax enables you to create a Direct Connect Gateway which consolidates your Direct Connect Connections for use by your Stax Network. Stax supports both hosted and dedicated Direct Connect Connections as well as Transit and Private Virtual Interfaces. The Direct Connect Gateway is provisioned in the account that owns the Direct Connect Connection. It is then shared to other AWS accounts that are associated.

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Site-to-Site VPN

Stax enables you to connect your Stax-managed AWS accounts to your on-premises environment with AWS Site-to-Site VPN. Stax supports the creation of Site-to-Site VPN Connections with either a Virtual Private Gateway or a Transit Gateway. The Customer Gateway is your Site-to-Site VPN Connection's entry point into Stax Networks. The Customer Gateway can either be provisioned in your Stax Networking Hub account or an account of your choice. It allows sharing across your Hub's Transit Gateway or your VPCs' Virtual Private Gateways.

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