Accessing all of your organization's AWS cost data all at once can feel overwhelming, but Stax's Data page may just become your best friend.

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Before You BeginGet StartedReading the Data

The Data page in Stax shows you all the individual resources that have a cost associated with them, along with:

  • usage cost
  • financial cost
  • region
  • resource type
  • usage code
  • all tags associated with the resource
  • and more...

The page can be overwhelming at first, but it's also a very powerful tool for performing deeper analysis when it's needed, for example examining individual resource costs or performing tag analysis before creating a new View.

Before You Begin

You don't need to be an admin to access this page, but you should have at least a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel or a more advanced Business Intelligence tool like Power BI.

Get Started

  1. Log in to Stax
  2. Select Data from the left menu

Reading the Data

As mentioned above, this page shows you every resource that had a cost associated with it for the selected month. It's often most useful to export the data and use Excel to do additional analysis.

Reading the Data

By default, the current month's data will show, but you can select a different month if you'd prefer.

Before you export, you should check the number of resources otherwise you may have trouble opening the file. Excel has a hard limit of 1,048,576 rows, but you should probably aim for fewer than that.

To reduce the number of resources you're exporting, you can

  • Use your global filters to just show resources that belong to a specific segment

  • Add other filters for specific segments, tags, resource types, etc.

Once you've reduced your resource count to a reasonable number, select 'export data'.

Your report download link will be sent to you via email as soon as the report is ready. Depending on the number of resources, this can take anywhere between five minutes and two hours.

The report will be a .csv file you can open in Excel or another BI tool.