View Accounts in the Stax Console

Learn how to view the Stax Accounts you care about most.

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Mark Accounts as FavouritesFilter by Account StatusSort by Column

Stax provides the a variety of features to help you view and manage your Accounts centrally in the Stax Console.

Mark Accounts as Favourites

Marking an Account as a Favourite allows you to quickly and easily access and manage your regularly used Accounts.

  1. Select Accounts from the left-hand nav.
  2. Click the Favourite icon to the right of the Account (the star brightens).
  3. The Account will be added to your Favourites Account list.


  • Select Favourites in the Add Filter button to view only your Favourite Accounts.
  • To remove the Account from your Favourites list, click the Favourite icon again (the star dims).
  • Marking an Account as a Favourite will also add it to the your Stax Activity Dashboard, allowing you to access the AWS Console in a single click.

Filter by Account Status

You can easily customize your Accounts page by filtering by Account Status.

  1. Select Accounts from the left-hand nav.
  2. Select the Add Filter button.
  3. Select from the available statuses under Status
  4. Accounts with the selected status will be displayed.


  • Add additional statuses to further filtered and customize your view.
  • Click Clear All to remove all filters from your view or remove an individual status filter by clicking on the close icon next to the status name.

Sort by Column

Stax enables sorting by each of the columns within the Accounts page, allowing you to customize your Account list in a way that suits you best.

  1. Select Accounts from the left-hand nav.
  2. Select the column header to sort the page by.
  3. The Accounts page will be sorted based on the selected column, in ascending to descending order and vice versa.