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Use Stax Events to gain valuable insights and automate actions from activities occuring within your Stax tenancy

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Stax Events provides a stream of real-time events that are generated by your Stax Organization and Stax AWS accounts. Stax Events utilizes AWS EventBridge and other AWS native services to enrich your event data, while maintaining data security and data integrity.

Stax Events is comprised of three components:

  • Event generation
  • Event collection and enrichment
  • Event delivery

Event generation

Events are generated as users and systems interact with the Stax platform. These include actions such as logging in, creating API tokens, editing accounts and more.

Event collection and enrichment

The Stax and AWS events are collected and centralized for enrichment. Within your AWS Accounts, events from every region are captured.

Enriched events contain more meaningful and consumable data. This can be beneficial for security, auditing, and automation purposes.

One example of enrichment is evident when an event contains a resource ID, for example, UserID. This field is typically a UUID that is challenging to associate back to a user or system. The enrichment process will enhance the event payload by including additional human-friendly attributes associated with that resource ID, for example, the user's Name.

Event delivery

Stax automatically delivers events to two locations in your logging account:

  • S3 Bucket stax-staxtrail-<uuid>
  • Partner Event Source/Event Bus named aws.partner/<aws-account-id>/default

The Stax Console allows you to create additional partner event sources in any of your Stax AWS accounts. After you create an additional partner event source within Stax, you can log in to the respective AWS account and create an event bus to route where the events are sent and event rule/s to specify which events are recieved.

Events Schema

Review the format of Stax Events:

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