Learn how to authenticate to the Stax API

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Stax provides two types of credentials for authenticating to the Stax API - Stax API Tokens and Session Credentials. The credentials serve different purposes and your use case will dictate which type of credentials you will use.


The below table provides a summary of API Tokens and Session Credentials.

API TokensSession Credentials
DescriptionLong-lived credentials you can create within StaxShort-term credentials which are created as part of your Stax session
Use caseDesigned for machines, such as automated build pipelinesDesigned for Humans, especially those who want to experiment and explore the Stax API on an ad-hoc basis
UsageAPI Tokens can only be used with the Stax SDK for PythonSession Credentials can be used with a developer tool, such as Postman. They do not work with the Stax SDK for Python
AttributesName, Description, Tags, Role, Access Key and Secret KeyAccess Key ID, Secret Access Key and Session Token. The role is assumed from your Stax user
AccessibilityAccessed via the Customer Menu in the left-hand nav, under API TokensAccessed via the left-hand nav, under the Profile page
ValidityDo not expire, however, we recommend you rotate API Tokens every 90 daysExpire after 60 min

If you'd like to learn more about API Tokens and using them with the Stax SDK for Python, please see:

To learn more about using Session credentials with Postman please see: