Updating stax2aws

Keep stax2aws up-to-date to ensure you always have access to the latest features.

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From time to time, new features are added to stax2aws. To make use of these features, you need to update the application to the latest version.

Check stax2aws version

To check which version of stax2aws you're running, simply issue the --version argument at run time:

$ stax2aws --version
stax2aws version 1.4.0 (2021-10-15)

Updating stax2aws on Windows

To update stax2aws on Windows, you should retrieve the latest release from the Releases page. Most users should retrieve the stax2aws_version_windows_amd64.zip file. If you're using a 32-bit version of Windows, retrieve the stax2aws_version_windows_386.zip file.

Download and extract the zip file, replacing the existing stax2aws.exe binary on your file system.

Updating stax2aws on macOS or Linux

Updating stax2aws on macOS or Linux using the Homebrew package manager is very straightforward. Issue the following command in your shell:

$ brew upgrade stax2aws

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