Troubleshooting stax2aws

Troubleshoot and diagnose common issues when using stax2aws

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stax2aws is supported by Stax. If you're unable to find the solution to your issue in the troubleshooting guidance below, please raise a support case for assistance.

stax2aws System Requirements

stax2aws is supported on the latest major releases of Windows, macOS, and most Linux distributions. If you have any specific supportability queries, please raise a support case.

Error Saving stax2aws Profile

When running stax2aws, you may encounter an error similar to the below:

error saving stax2aws profile.

This error means there may be an issue with your stax2aws configuration file. The simplest resolution is simply to back up then delete your stax2aws configuration file. Next time you run stax2aws the file will be recreated.

On Linux and macOS, your stax2aws configuration file resides at $HOME/stax2aws.yaml. On Windows, it resides at %USERPROFILE%/stax2aws.yaml.

No roles available error

When running stax2aws, you may encounter the following error:

no roles available

If you encounter this error, first ensure that you are assigned one or more roles in Stax. You should contact an administrator of your Stax tenancy to ensure you're assigned access to roles.

If you are assigned access to one or more roles, ensure that you are running the latest version of stax2aws, and update if required.

Too many roles error

If you're assigned to too many roles in Stax, you may receive the following error:

Too many roles - SAML Assertion is greater than 100000

If you're receiving this error, the number of roles available to you is exceeding a downstream dependency size limit.

To resolve this, contact an administrator of your Stax tenancy to reduce the number of roles assigned to you in Stax.

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