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Stax API permissions using API Tokens

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API Tokens provide programmatic access to the Stax API and cannot be used to log into the Stax console. The below table provides a a list of permissions for each Stax role used to manage the access level of your API Token.

tickUser can perform this action
crossUser cannot perform this action

teams:CreateUsertickcrosscrossAllows token to invite a new team member
teams:CreateRootUsercrosscrosscrossAllows token user to invite a new root user
teams:UpdateUserPasswordticktickcrossAllows token to request a password reset
teams:ReadUserstickticktickAllows token to view all team members
teams:UpdateUsertickcrosscrossAllows token to update a team member's details or deactivate/activate them
teams:DeleteUsertickcrosscrossAllows token to delete a team member
teams:ReadGroupstickticktickAllows token to view Groups
teams:CreateGrouptickcrosscrossAllows token to create a Group
teams:UpdateGrouptickcrosscrossAllows token to update a Group
teams:DeleteGrouptickcrosscrossAllows token to delete a Group
teams:UpdateGroupMemberstickcrosscrossAllows token to add a Group member
teams:ReadAPITokentickticktickAllows token to view all API Tokens
teams:CreateAPITokentickcrosscrossAllows token to create an API Token
teams:UpdateAPITokentickcrosscrossAllows token to update an API Token
teams:DeleteAPITokentickcrosscrossAllows token to delete an API Token
workloads:ReadWorkloadstickticktickAllows token to view Active Workloads
workloads:CreateWorkloadticktickcrossAllows token to deploy a Workload
workloads:UpdateWorkloadticktickcrossAllows token to update an active Workload
workloads:UpdateAllWorkloadstickcrosscrossAllows token to update all active Workloads of a particular Workload Catalogue Item
workloads:ReadCatalogueItemstickticktickAllows token to view the Workload Catalogue
workloads:CreateCatalogueItemtickcrosscrossAllows token to create a Workload Catalogue Item
workloads:UpdateCatalogueItemtickcrosscrossAllows token to update a Workload Catalogue Item
workloads:CreateCatalogueVersiontickcrosscrossAllows token to create a Workload Catalogue Version within a Workload Catalogue Item
workloads:DeleteCatalogueItemtickcrosscrossAllows token to delete a Workload Catalogue Item
workloads:DeleteCatalogueVersiontickcrosscrossAllows token to delete a Workload Catalogue Version
workloads:DeleteWorkloadticktickcrossAllows token to deactivate a Workload
accounts:ReadAccountstickticktickAllows token to view Accounts
accounts:CreateAccounttickcrosscrossAllows token to create an Account
accounts:UpdateAccounttickcrosscrossAllows token to update an Account name, description and tags
accounts:ReadAccountTypestickticktickAllows token to view Account Types
accounts:CreateAccountTypetickcrosscrossAllows token to create an Account Type
accounts:UpdateAccountTypetickcrosscrossAllows token to update an Account Type
accounts:DeleteAccountTypetickcrosscrossAllows token to delete an Account Type
accounts:AddAccountTypeRoletickcrosscrossAllows token to add an AWS role to an Account Type
policies:ReadPoliciestickticktickAllows token to view Policies
policies:CreatePolicytickcrosscrossAllows token to create a Policy
policies:UpdatePolicytickcrosscrossAllows token to update a Policy
policies:DeletePolicytickcrosscrossAllows token to delete a Policy
policies:AttachPolicytickcrosscrossAllows token to attach a Policy to an Organization
policies:DetachPolicytickcrosscrossAllows token to detach a Policy from an Organization
accounttypes:UpdateAccountTypeMemberstickcrosscrossAllows token to move accounts between Account Types
accounttypes:UpdateAccountTypePoliciestickcrosscrossAllows token to add or remove Policies from an Account Type
organisations:ReadOrganisationtickticktickAllows token to view their Organization details
tasks:ReadTaskstickticktickAllows token to view the status of a task
tasks:ReadTasksbyStatustickticktickAllows token to view tasks by status
alias:CheckAliasAvailabilitytickticktickAllows token to check if a Customer Alias is already in use

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