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Flybuys transforms their member experience with Stax

A demerger created a need to rapidly migrate applications and data, and build onto a secure platform that could manage growth. Learn how Flybuys used Stax’s automated cloud foundations to accelerate the build of their AWS platform, transform their member experience, and deliver greater value for customers.

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How carsales made bill shock a thing of the past

A secure and cost-effective cloud-based solution is crucial to Australia’s largest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business. Find out how carsales has increased visibility over their operating costs and security concerns across their AWS environment.

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Eyeview eliminates cost blowouts with proactive reporting

Providing bespoke video content to the right people, at the right time, at scale is any marketers dream - but it comes with a high infrastructure cost. Find out how Eyeview introduced financial transparency across all AWS activity to minimise those costs.

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