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We handle the complexities of AWS to let you know the figures that matter most, and alert you if things go off track.

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Answer the questions about cost that matter most to your business

How much cloud am I using this month?
How much am I projected to spend this year?
Am I on budget this month?
How much am I wasting and how could I reduce my spend?

See the costs of your entire business structure in just one click

Create views of your data that align to your business structure, so you can easily report by team, app, tag, service and more.

Automatic allocation

Create views of your data by tag key (cost-centre, environment, team).

Manual allocation

Create views of your data based on accounts, services, tags, and more.

Wildcard searches

Allocate multiple tag values with wildcard searches.

Targeted email reports and alerts

Get specific email reports for each business structure.

No more surprises at the end of the month

Get the visibility and insights you need to optimise your AWS spend.

Daily and weekly reports

Get daily and weekly summaries of your cloud usage by business structure and compare how you're performing against the previous month.

Cost run rate spike

Get alerted when the daily spend is higher than expected.


Allocate monthly and annual budgets across your business infrastructure and receive alerts before you exceed them.

"Stax has saved us countless hours in tracking and accounting – doing Cost vs Opex reports, making things in Excel which is time-consuming and leaves margin for error. Before Stax, cost allocation was a nightmare, now I know what to expect before I get the bill."

Shahar Cizer Kobrinksy, VP Architecture and Scale at Eyeview
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