When operating in AWS,

every organisation has their own set of
rules that their teams need to adhere to.

Whether its an external standard or internal policy, compliance in the cloud can
be difficult to monitor and report on. Stax makes it easy to set and check
compliance rules that your teams need to adhere to, and provide visibility of
compliance status to your key stakeholders. Know your cloud services are
compliant all the time, not just at audit time.

Internal Compliance by Stax, wraps all these checks up into one automated assessment that constantly scans your AWS deployments for adherence to a completely configurable rule set.

Rules can be set per team or environment, using the views you create in Stax based on account, tag and AWS product. You set the parameters of each check, and the severity of the risk associated, giving you complete control of how to monitor your compliance.

Once the rules have been set, you can be confident that your deployments will be compliant, as non-compliance will result in an alert to the team that can action it.

We also align sets of technical checks to external standards like the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark and PCI-DSS, so that you can check and prove compliance all the time, not just at audit time.