The leader in video marketing understand which areas of their AWS infrastructure to focus on with Stax.

The challenge

Eyeview relies on flexible cloud storage and compute scale to respond to video advertising placement bid opportunities – more than half-a-million per second. In this fast-moving complex environment, keeping track of elastic infrastructure costs and deriving meaningful insights on trends that can be understood across lines of business is a steep mountain.

The solution

Stax delivers trend tracking, proactive monitoring, insights and alerts.

The results

Financial transparency eliminates cost blowouts.

Systems architects spend less time configuring their monitoring setups, generating reports and delivering their interpretations across lines of business, and more time on tech innovation.

Eyeview has confidence that their AWS utilisation is efficient, high quality and adheres to best practice across their entire organization.

About Eyeview 

US-based martech pioneer, Eyeview, uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and services to provision and scale an innovative product offering, combining their own proprietary technology with elastic AWS services to stay ahead of a fiercely competitive market. Through an innovative combination of their own proprietary technology and AWS elastic services, they are able to serve targeted, outcome-driven videos customised for individual consumers on a massive scale across the US and into Europe. 

We spoke to Shahar Cizer Kobrinksy, VP Architecture and Scale at Eyeview, about the size and shape of the challenge.

Endless opportunities, possibilities, data

Eyeview serves consumers personalized video ads based on demographics like gender and age as well as environmental information such as geolocation, time of day, weather and a host of other criteria. This elevates video from its traditional role as a broadcast branding tool to one that drives measurable business results such as website visitation, foot traffic and online and offline sales. For example, a 37-year-old woman in a high-income bracket, located close to a brand’s outlet on a rainy day will receive a different video ad from the same brand as a 22-year- old man who earns less, lives in a warm climate and would need to drive for half an hour to get to a store. Eyeview allows videos with content derived in response to customer data to be generated and served to relevant placements. Shahar tells us that the live bidding systems place video ads across half-a-million opportunities per second in the US alone – that’s a lot of decisions to be made in almost no time. To enable this incredible responsiveness, Eyeview uses their own proprietary technology and employs AWS to scale and deliver their services.

Enter the algorithm

The tech challenge lies in being able to make smart, algorithmically-driven decisions across such a vast number of placement opportunities, ensuring a relevant experience for consumers. With Eyeview’s VideoIQ rendering engine capable of generating millions of videos per second, the Eyeview platform takes only a fraction of a second to evaluate placement opportunities, confirm they’re safe and brand-appropriate, and determine which ad content to serve from a vast library containing terabytes of potential creative and offer variations. From an infrastructure point of view, not only does Eyeview need to gather, maintain and compute vast amounts of data to inform its decisions, but it also manages the rendering and delivery of specific content across the entire US and some European locations.

With such a complex array of data, it’s not surprising that Eyeview employs a number of different AWS services including EC2 and S3, Red Shift, RDS, Lambda, SQS as well as Kinesis to manage data pipelines, and Dynamo DB for real-time queries. From a cost perspective, keeping track of usage over this array of services, clusters and instances is a huge challenge. Plus, with any elastic infrastructure, there’s always the question of efficiency, and whether the business is deriving value from all the services it’s paying for.

Stax: delivering clarity

Eyeview has been using AWS since 2010 and has a mature and expertly architected infrastructure. But for the experienced team of engineers constantly managing, monitoring and optimising their architectures, Stax adds value by delivering analysis and insight which isn’t available in native AWS tools. Stax monitors and reports proactively and the daily summary emails and trend tracking help the engineers and architects understand which areas of the infrastructure to focus on. With Stax, engineers are also more aware of the cost implications of changes to their architecture.

A huge advantage of Stax is the speed and accuracy with which cost transparency can be produced across lines of business. The insight Stax delivers means the same report that engineers and architects generate can also be understood by the finance team, operations or the board.

Shahar talks us through an anecdote about a colleague in the finance team who said: 

“Stax has saved me countless hours in tracking and accounting – doing Cost vs Opex reports, making things in Excel which is time-consuming and leaves margin for error. Before Stax, cost allocation was a nightmare, now I know what to expect before I get the bill.”

Focus on the future, customer needs

Stax is an important tool for Eyeview, and it’s always getting better. Shahar is appreciative that Stax is a product that was born out of customer needs, and the team at Stax genuinely want client input into product development. His experience is that Stax works to understand the customer’s focus and requirements and are able to implement feedback quickly. With new features coming to Stax all the time, he’s excited to see what happens next.

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