AWS Config Organizational Aggregator

Published 12 Nov 2021

Stax has released a new Config Aggregator named stax-assurance-<stax_organization_id> in your security foundation account. It is an organizational aggregator with the intention of deprecating the current multi-account aggregator juma-assurance-<security_aws_account_id>, to simplify the configuration and management. You will find the aggregator in the AWS region according to your Stax Installation region.

For organizations where the security foundation account is not set up as the organization's delegated administrator account for AWS Config (with service principal, this aggregator will not be created.

During the week beginning 29 November 2021, Stax will start the process of removing the aggregator juma-assurance-<security_aws_account_id> from your security foundation account.

Update: The juma-assurance-<security_aws_account_id> aggregator removal work has been completed for all Stax tenancies.

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