Filter By Marketplace Purchases on the Data Page

Published 5 Oct 2021

On the Data page, the new Marketplace Product property can be used to filter and group records by whether or not they are AWS Marketplace purchases. This is particularly useful when comparing AWS consumption in Stax to that which appears on your AWS invoice, and when considering chargeback/showback models internally. This information was previously only available when exporting data from the Data page using the Export Data button.

To use the new property, simply navigate to the Data page, then group or filter using the Marketplace Product property. Records will have a value of true for AWS Marketplace charges, and false for all other charges.

Additionally, a number of minor improvements have been made to the Data page:

  • Common properties such as Kind, Account, Region, etc. have been moved to the top of the property list when configuring filters or groupings
  • When grouping data, the Sum of Usage Cost field has been renamed to Total Usage Cost. Sum of Financial Cost has been renamed to Total Financial Cost
  • Formatting of negative numbers has been improved

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