Stax Workloads API Pagination Updates

Published 31 Aug 2021

Stax has introduced changes to Stax Workloads API endpoints to improve support for pagination.

This makes it easier to deal with large volumes of Workloads and Workload Catalog Items when using the Stax API.

  • Fixed pagination on the Fetch Workloads API endpoint. This endpoint now correctly returns all matching results based on filters and accurately reports the correct total number of results: stax-au1 stax-us1 stax-eu1

  • Added pagination on the Fetch Catalog Items API endpoint. This endpoint now supports pagination in a consistent manner with the rest of the Workloads API endpoints: stax-au1 stax-us1 stax-eu1

These changes have been applied automatically by Stax. Should you experience any issues, please raise a support case.

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