Workload Manifest CloudFormation Validation Deprecated

Published 12 Aug 2021

Stax has deprecated its automatic CloudFormation template validation for Workload Catalog items.

When deploying a Workload Manifest file, Stax will validate the structure of the Manifest, ensure that all CloudFormation templates are reachable, and that the CloudFormation templates themselves are valid JSON or YAML. It will no longer query AWS's Validate Template API to validate the CloudFormation template(s) when a manifest is uploaded.

This feature has been deprecated as, in some instances, it prevented deployment of sophisticated Workloads and templates that relied on specific AWS account and region combinations.

The API endpoints affected are:

Consider leveraging the AWS CLI/API directly when developing CloudFormation templates to ensure their validity.

These changes have been applied automatically by Stax. Should you experience any issues, please raise a support case.

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