Improvements to Stax Cost & Compliance

Published 2 Aug 2021

Stax has released several improvements to the Cost & Compliance module. This enhances the functionality of the Rules page, as well as changes to make the Views capability suit some use cases better.

CIS Benchmark Rules added to Rule Catalog

Traditionally, the only way to consume Rules from the CIS Benchmark was to enable the entire Rule Bundle. This update enables the individual Rules to be selected and enabled from the Catalog.

Rule Filtering Now Supports Search by ARN Prefix

When filtering rules by resource Amazon Resource Names (ARNs), you can now search by ARN prefix, allowing for more precise results to be returned. ARN filtering supports matching both the full ARN, or a subset of characters.

Hide Unallocated Segments from Global Filters View

Stax now supports hiding the default Unallocated segments on the Global Filters menu. This setting is enabled on a per-View basis from the View's settings page.

Hide Unallocated View

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