Update to Rule - Ensure S3 Bucket Policy allows HTTPS requests

Published 17 Jun 2021

Stax has released an update to the definition of the Rule CIS 2.1.2 - Ensure S3 Bucket Policy allows HTTPS requests. This update better aligns Stax's implementation of the Rule to the definition from Version 1.3.0 of the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark.

The CIS Benchmark dictates that policies should require HTTPS access specifically for the s3:GetObject action. Previously, Stax's implementation would check for the *, or "wildcard", action. This required that the policy enforce HTTPS for all actions, rather than just s3:GetObject as specified in the CIS Benchmark. With the updated Rule definition, a bucket with the appropriate policy (as per the CIS benchmark document) on specific action s3:GetObject that would have previously deemed as non-compliant will now correctly be considered compliant.

To ensure continuity for Rule compliance timelines, Stax has populated the history for this Rule using the updated definition.

If you observe buckets that were previously non-compliant now showing as compliant, it is likely that they were previously marked as non-compliant due to the stricter definition implemented by Stax.

For any questions around this change, or if you need assistance understand how the change applies to your buckets, please raise a support case.

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