New Site-to-Site VPN functionality for Stax Networks

Published 5 Feb 2021

You can now use Stax to provision your Site-to-Site VPN resources and manage connectivity from your on-premises environment to your Stax Networks. You can deploy an AWS VPN Customer Gateway and share the connection to your Stax Hubs and VPCs, depending on your network requirements.

Stax Networks supports Virtual Private Gateway and Transit Gateway Site-to-Site VPN Connections.

With a Transit Gateway Site-to-Site VPN Connection, your VPN Customer Gateway is connected to your Networking Hub's Transit Gateway, providing connectivity to all VPCs within your Hub.

Stax Networks Transit Gateway Site-to-Site VPN Connect Architecture

You can also connect your VPN Customer Gateway to an individual VPC's Virtual Private Gateway to provide direct connectivity.

Stax Networks Virtual Private Gateway Site-to-Site VPN Connect Architecture

For more information about Stax Networks and Site-to-Site VPN, check out the docs.

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