Improved AWS Credits Support in Stax Cost & Compliance

Published 1 Feb 2021

Stax is changing how credits applied to your AWS accounts are displayed on the Data page. This is to make it easier to understand where the credits are coming from.

Credits can be applied to your accounts as a result of Savings Plans, special promotional codes, or from a number of other avenues.

To see a breakdown of the source of credits in your AWS accounts, you can filter by Kind: credit and group by Payment Option Code on the Data page.

Grouping credits by payment option codes

Depending on your organization's AWS consumption, there may be a slight delay to historical credit detail being visible on your Data page while the information is processed.

If you were previously viewing credits on the Data page using the Payment Option Code field, the value of credit will now be replaced with a code representing the specific credit type. You should instead check the Kind field for a value of credit.

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