Rule Bundle Versions

Published 21 Jan 2021

Stax's Cost & Compliance Rule Bundles functionality now provides versioning to support the addition and removal of rules within a bundle, as well as to stay aligned to industry standards.

You can use this feature in two ways:

  • Stay locked to a version by turning off Auto updates. Until you manually activate a different version, nothing will change
  • Opt in to Auto updates, and we will automatically upgrade you to the latest version when one becomes available. You may always downgrade to a previous version at any stage, and any compliance history will be preserved.

In this initial release, the following Rule Bundles have new versions available:

  • CIS Benchmark (both 1.2.0 and 1.3.0)
  • S3 Best Practice
  • SNS Best Practice
  • SQS Best Practice

Navigate to the details page for each Rule Bundle to see a more detailed changelog that outlines exactly what has changed:

A versioned Rule Bundle

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