VPC Management Enhancements in the Stax Console

Published 22 Dec 2020

We're always working to improve Stax to make it more useful for our customers. Today, two new features have been released for Networks in the Stax Console, with the aim of making networking features more accessible.

View VPC Config Items For Each VPC

The VPCs page now shows which items have been configured for all your VPCs at a glance. Without inspecting each VPC individually, you can now see when the following VPC Config items are enabled:

  • Internet Gateway (IGW)
  • NAT Gateway (NGW)
  • Virtual Private Gateway (VPGW)
  • CloudWatch VPC Flow Logs (CFL)
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The full name of VPC Config item can be viewed by hovering your mouse cursor over the label.

Enable and Disable CloudWatch VPC Flow Logs on Stax VPCs

When you create or edit a Networking Hub or VPC using Stax Networks, you can now choose to enable CloudWatch Logs for VPC Flow Logs in the Stax Console.

When you enable this feature, Stax will automatically save your VPC's flow logs to CloudWatch Log Groups. These logs reside in the same account as your VPC or Transit VPC, making them easy to access when working with the VPC in question.

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We'd love to hear what you think of these new features. If you have any questions about these new features, please raise a support case with your thoughts.

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