Stax Networking updated VPC Flow Logs destination

Published 20 Nov 2020

AWS VPC Flow Logs must be directed to a CloudWatch Log group within the same AWS account, and same AWS region as the VPC.

A bug has been resolved where the CloudWatch Log group only existed in the Stax Tenancy's AWS region in the format vpcflowlogs-{AwsAccountId}. A change to Stax Networking will now create these CloudWatch Log groups on demand and per-region with the format vpcflowlogs-{AwsAccountId}-{Region}.

Existing Stax Networking VPCs will continue to log to the legacy destination but upon next update of the VPC, the VPC Flow Log destination will be updated to the new CloudWatch Log group. Log entries that have been created in the existing CloudWatch Log group will not be deleted.

If you have any questions about how this change may impact you, please raise a support case.

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