S3 best practices applied for legacy S3 buckets

Published 20 Aug 2020

As per AWS best practices, all S3 buckets created by the Stax platform in customer AWS Accounts will have enforced encryption of data in transit using HTTPS (TLS).

This change does not impact buckets created by Stax customers either within the AWS Console/SDK/API, or via the Stax Workloads service.

This change applies to the following legacy S3 buckets in your AWS Accounts:

  • juma-cloudtrail-*
  • juma-cloudtrail-master-accesslogbucket-*
  • juma-cloudtrail-master-jumaaccesslogbucket-*
  • juma-jumatrail-*
  • juma-config-*
  • juma-session-manager-*

The following legacy S3 buckets will be removed in your AWS Accounts:

  • stax-billing-*
  • stax-billing-accesslogs-*
  • juma-billing-*

Please note: The legacy S3 buckets that are removed contain only outdated billing information. These buckets have not been in use since February 2020 and as such no impact is expected by this removal. The best way to access your billing information is with Stax's Cost & Compliance module.

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