Encryption of Stax-managed SNS topics

Published 17 Aug 2020

As per AWS best practices, all SNS topics created by the Stax platform in customer AWS Accounts have encryption enabled using KMS. One unused SNS Topic has been removed from accounts.

  • Changed: Encrypted stax-assurance-cis-benchmark-EventIngestTopic topic in all accounts
  • Changed: Encrypted staxtrail-<org-id> topic in logging account
  • Changed: Encrypted cloudtrail-<org-id> topic in logging account
  • Changed: Encrypted stax-assurance-event-processor-EventIngestTopic topic in security account
  • Removed: stax-config-<org-id> topic in logging account, as it was not used

If you have your own sources publishing messages to these topics, you will need to configure the source with the right permissions to be able to continue publishing to the topic. For more information on this,see publishing to encrypted topics.

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