Stax Events

Published 6 Aug 2020

Stax has partnered with AWS to provide Stax customers with a Stax Events AWS EventBridge integration.

Stax Events published to AWS EventBridge will allow customers to monitor and automate actions within their Stax-managed AWS accounts. Customers will be able to receive events about Stax usage, as well as, priority AWS events enriched with contextual Stax information. Leveraging the power of AWS serverless services, such as, AWS Lambda or AWS Step Functions will allow for additional actions to be taken as a result of these events.

In addition to publishing these events to AWS EventBridge, events will also be stored in your logging account's StaxTrail S3 bucket. These new event details will be available at the following path within the S3 bucket: StaxTrail/year/month/day/StaxEventId.gz.

For more details about Stax Events, check out the docs.

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