Improvements to attaching and Detaching Stax Policies to Account Types

Published 7 Aug 2020

Stax has made it easier to attach and detach Stax Policies to/from your Stax Account Types using the Stax API.

Changed Error Code when validating Account Type or Policy

If you attempt to attach a Policy to an Account Type and the Account Type or Policy does not already exist, the API will return a 404 (Not Found) response, instead of a generic 400 (Bad Request) response.

Added validation for attaching and detaching policies

When you attach or detact a Policy to/from an Account Type, the Stax API will now verify if the Policy is already attached or detached. An error will be returned if this occurs.

Added validation for Stax Policies limits

Only four Stax Policies can be attached to any specific Account Type. If you attempt to attach Policies that would exceed this limit, the API will now validate that and reject the request.

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