Established in 2007, Kadeo is an IT consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. Founded by Shaun Deans, Kadeo is helping customers overcome their ‘wicked’ technology problems by delivering bespoke cloud solutions. The born-in-the-cloud company predominantly assists customers in the financial sector, such as cryptocurrency and fintech firms, as well as in telecommunications and ASX-listed companies, in delivering and adopting Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions, without the headache of shifting off legacy systems and complex


Kadeo operates a lean business model and needed a solution that would
enable it to scale quickly and securely.

Building its own solution would have been a costly and risky exercise for Kadeo.

Kadeo services customers in highly regulated industries and needed a solution that
could help keep them secure and meet any potential audit requirements down the


Stax’s sophisticated provisioning and assurance technologies gave Kadeo
the ease of accessing AWS applications as needed.

Stax’s collaborative pre-sales and account teams helped Kadeo quantify the value
of buying a cloud management platform instead of spending time building bespoke
environments for each customer.

Stax delivered a customer-centric approach, with a dedicated customer success team
that provided value above and beyond what can be self-serviced.


Kadeo has been able to spin up new environments in hours, not weeks,
without significant upfront costs and investment in time.

Stax’s ongoing evergreen foundations mean Kadeo can ensure its systems and its
customers’ systems are always up to date.

Kadeo is able to deliver superior customer service now that its team can focus on
customers rather than building technical foundations.

Kadeo has the flexibility to shape the business structure how it sees fit without the
restraint of a code-heavy technology stack.


For more details on how Stax enabled quick technical foundations to ensure their customers were up and running in days, download the full case study.


By Team Stax