• Lack of visibility across elastic infrastructure costs was resulting in unnecessary spend and budget blowouts
  • No means of deriving meaningful insights into business trends and patterns


  • Provided access to high-quality data and reporting tools not available within native AWS
  • Implemented processes for proactive monitoring, insights and alerts
  • Offered valuable insights into predicted vs actual spend and business trends


  • Introduced financial transparency across all AWS activity within the business
  • Increased efficiency by streamlining time-consuming tracking and accounts procedures
  • Systems architects spend less time on configuration, monitoring and reporting and more time on tech innovation

About Eyeview

US-based ad-tech firm Eyeview served consumers tailored video advertising content based on broad demographics including season, date, gender and age, combined with personal profile information like geolocation, time of day, and a host of other criteria. This offering helped elevate video from its traditional role as a broadcast branding tool by providing bespoke content to the right people.

Through an innovative combination of their own proprietary technology and AWS products, Eyeview was successfully delivering targeted, outcome-driven video content customized for individual consumers on a massive scale across the US and into Europe. The challenge the team faced was not how to deliver their content, but rather how to keep track of elastic infrastructure costs and derive meaningful insights on trends across the business.

Customized dashboards and reporting

By working closely with Eyeview’s team of engineers, Stax was able to add value by providing high-quality data and reporting tools not available within native AWS tools. The solution provisioned proactive reporting with daily summary emails and trend tracking to assist the engineers and architects in understanding which areas of the infrastructure to focus on, and any cost implications associated with changes to their designs.

Streamlined cost management

Leveraging Stax cost management and data reporting capabilities allowed Eyeview to streamline cost management processes and spend less time on AWS monitoring and report generation and interpretation. This in turn meant engineers could spend less time on operations, and more time on innovation. With this new level of transparency across AWS activities, Eyeview was able to produce reports that could be easily interpreted by the wider business and help eliminate cost blowouts.

“Before Stax, cost allocation was a nightmare, but we now know what to expect before we even get the bill.”

Shahar Cizer Kobrinksy, VP Architecture & Scale, Eyeview

By Team Stax