Overcoming a lack of visibility across operating costs and security concerns.


  • Migrating from a physical data center to AWS put cost management at the top of carsales agenda
  • Lack of visibility over AWS operating costs and usage across the business
  • Concerns about inefficient risk, security and quality management processes
  • No tangible measures in place to enable more effective use of AWS


  • Provided a holistic and detailed view of all cloud cost and usage through the Stax platform
  • Offered insights into AWS compliance, security and quality management empowering teams to make the right decisions in AWS
  • Established real-time alerts for AWS activity monitoring and management


  • Newfound ability to take a consistent and proactive approach to risk management
  • Increased visibility over AWS infrastructure quality, costs, usage and wastage
  • Improved measures for monitoring and maintaining best-practice security controls

About carsales

carsales.com.au is Australia’s largest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business. An ASX Top 100 listed company, carsales and its subsidiaries employ over 600 people in Australia and develop world-leading technology and advertising solutions to drive its business around the world.

A need for visibility

After migrating from a physical hosting environment to a cloud-based AWS solution, carsales began to face some of the common challenges that can occur when moving to the cloud. Namely, a lack of visibility over operating costs and concerns about managing risks, security and quality. The company needed a holistic view of all cloud activity within the organization, and measures to enable effective use of AWS services.

Stax delivers actionable insights

Working in close collaboration with carsales, Stax provided a complete view of their AWS usage, offering valuable insights into cost and risk management, quality and security through aggregated data. Engineering teams were empowered to take accountability for their own AWS costs and compliance, as they finally had visibility of their own segment of the overall AWS environment.

[Stax] provides us that insight, that line of sight to our spend and to make sure that we’re looking after our customers” commented Jason Blackman, CIO.

Real-time alerts were also set up to manage AWS activity across the company and ensured the right people could take action in time if an issue did slip into production.

For carsales, the proposed solution needed to not only meet technology requirements, but also enable the business to improve rapport with their vendors. After careful consideration, the Stax platform was selected.

“The people at Stax are passionate about delivering best in market AWS monitoring and management, and we recognize the tremendous value they provide. Our objective in using Stax is to move away from risky practices to best practices, which will help to ensure the success of the company.”

Michael Ridgway, VP of Engineering, carsales

Cost savings and a new approach to risk management

Since implementing Stax, carsales have made substantial cost savings, implemented a consistent and proactive approach to risk management, and reported an increase in overall efficiency. The company is also using Stax to measure the quality of its AWS infrastructure, improving security and reducing wasted spend. All of its engineers access and use Stax regularly to keep track of their AWS costs and compliance – completely changing the organizations approach to risk management in the cloud.

By Team Stax