Senior Software Engineer

Development, Melbourne, AU, Full Time

Stax is a home-grown start-up revolutionising the AWS cloud experience. Our aim is to provide a platform that automates and streamlines critical tasks to provide a secure and efficient developer experience. Stax comprises of a team of over 40 cloud artisans passionate about the quality outcomes our product delivers. With over 200 active customers across three continents, our customers range from fast food, to luxury, to ASX top 20. We've cultivated an environment based on creativity. When people who care about their craft are given the freedom to explore possibilities without limits, amazing things happen. There are no cool cliques, just a hard-working team generating ideas and devising solutions in a creative and collaborative workspace.

We're going through a period of massive growth and we're not slowing down. To help us grow we are seeking a Software Engineer to join our experienced Identity/Workloads/Events engineering team in a full-time capacity!
The Software Engineer is a key role in Stax and is responsible for delivering customer value by developing high quality and resilient applications. We are looking for an engineer with application development and AWS experience that has an ability to work in a fast-moving environment facing into our growth.

We are making it easier for our customers to manage & access their AWS ecosystem, and deploy working software into their AWS platform. A successful candidate will bring their software and DevOps skills and expertise to continue to deliver value while setting us up for growth in the future. They will be joining an established cross-functional development team that's agile, fun, and driven to build high quality product. This is a great opportunity for someone to tackle complex data problems and evolve our AWS systems to meet the new demands of our customers.

Stax has offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We have team members working from home all over Australia, so feel free to apply regardless of your location

As part of the team, you would be:

  • Working with our tech leads and product owners to bring features to life
  • Hands on keys with Python, Golang, CloudFormation & serverless
  • Undertaking software development on our APIs, backend and infrastructure
  • Frequently deploying features and enhancements
  • Undertaking ongoing support of deployed features & enhancements
  • Collaborating with designers and UI engineers in order to build and deploy features that deliver real business value
  • Actively participate inbacklog grooming and planning sessions.
  • Working closely with tech leads and product owners to understand development activities and how they align with higher level roadmaps
  • We're looking for someone who:

  • Places attitude and behaviours ahead of tools and technologies
  • Has 2+ years experience in developing applications to the highest standard.
  • Has experience working with Cloud technologies. AWS is preferred
  • Has a working knowledge of Golang and/or Python and the ability to develop APIs
  • Has a DevOps/SRE mindset (i.e. you build it, you run it)
  • Builds resilient systems and appreciates the importance of observability
  • Has excellent communication. Preferring face-to-face over slack
  • Has equally excellent listening skills. Able to show a high level of empathy & understanding
  • Loves solving problems
  • Has a strong preference for simple solutions over complex ones
  • Has a strong desire to understand the goals and challenges of the business in order to build the best possible solution
  • Is able to effectively work a whiteboard, lucid chart or equivalents in order to communicate and share ideas.
  • As part of our culture, we place a lot of trust in our engineers to make the right decisions, but that means everyone must be excellent communicators. Not the fluffy kind you put on a resume but actually effective at communicating within and across teams. We are looking for passionate people that are willing to go the extra mile – there is no “other team” to solve the problem for you. We are looking for people to exist in our blameless engineering culture but also to take accountability for their decisions. A strong engineer will be thinking about implementing for today but building for tomorrow. Most importantly an engineer that goes by “you build it you run it mindset”.

    Our values reflect the way we work. We’re a casual, inclusive bunch, with team members from a variety of backgrounds collaborating as a team to overcome challenges. Everyone is given space to learn and develop their skills and knowledge. We support each other in all ventures, whether attaining a new AWS certification or trying their hand at baking sourdough or brewing beer. We create remarkable experiences for our customers and we treat others the way we would like to be treated.