How Stax Works

Stax keeps your project going— securely, efficiently, consistently.

Manage your cloud the right way

Over time, cloud configurations can drift and expose you to security risk. Stax's enterprise-grade platform helps maintain consistency across all your AWS accounts, not just the new ones.


Stax automatically provisions core AWS accounts in Security and Logging so you can get started knowing things are done right. Maintain security with threat detection, audit controls and centralized log retention. Find out more.

Identity and Access Management

Keep things flexible by accessing the Stax console and API via direct login or with a federated login from an existing identity provider. Stax Identity Broker deploys automatically during onboarding, ensuring you can access Stax without delay. Find out more.

AWS Account Management

Manage multiple AWS accounts with the click of a button. Create, name, tag and group AWS accounts, and apply policies to each account or account group. Maintain consistency through the Stax console, or programmatically via the API. Find out more.


Drastically cut development time with Stax Workloads. Deploy your applications to multiple AWS accounts from a central pipeline. Deploy updates easily with full versioning capability, and manage Workloads as a team with shared user access. Find out more.


Quickly create secure AWS networks that work for your business. Select from pre-configured VPCs in a variety of types and sizes to match your networking needs, then manage their connectivity from a single location. Find out more.

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No more surprises

With access to detailed cost management data, Stax helps you easily identify and analyze spending inefficiencies, compare resources to best-practice standards, and reduce wastage across your cloud infrastructure.

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Compliance without complication

Rest easy knowing your cloud is compliant with Stax's risk and threat management features. Leverage existing CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark Rules, and apply configurable activity alerts to identify and manage risks as they occur.

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Your accounts, assured

Strengthen your accounts with Account Assurance. Stax automatically applies security controls to all your AWS accounts upon creation, increasing your resilience with features designed to minimise risks and vulnerabilities.

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