We’ve rounded off the 2020 financial year with a host of changes and improvements to the Stax platform. June was focused on further improving the security of resources created using Stax, with added protection for AWS accounts and Stax Workloads. We also made it easier to learn about Stax: with both a new and improved user documentation and a Changelog. Read on to learn more about what we built in June.

Enhanced Protection for AWS Resources

As part of our Account Assurance process, which automatically enhances the security of AWS accounts created by Stax, AWS IAM Access Analyzer is now enabled for all accounts in all regions of your AWS Organization. This AWS service scans the policies of your AWS resources and identifies if they are being shared with an external identity, for example another AWS account, a root user, an IAM user or an AWS service.

Workloads Protection

Stax Workloads now supports the use of AWS Stack Policies to give you more control over your Workload’s CloudFormation resources, and protect against modifications and deletions. Learn how to use AWS Stack Policies in the Stax Docs.

User Management Section Improvements

The Stax Console’s User Management section now allows users to filter by status, role or corporate ID. We’ve also made it more clear that there are restrictions on the management of federated users in the console.

Filtering in User Management

A New Home for Stax Documentation

Visit our Documentation to learn more about how to use a particular feature of Stax. Docs are organized into sections focused on how to use a given feature, like Workloads, Networks or Accounts. With built-in search, it’s easy to find what you need.

The new Knowledge Base section covers more niche questions you may have about how to get the most out of Stax, with information and guidance on a diverse range of use-cases and problems. And as a platform built by developers, for developers, we of course have docs on the Stax API and other developer-centric topics.


While you’ll always hear about the big changes we make in these Monthly Product Updates, you can keep track of every single update we deploy to the Stax platform in our Changelog. Changes are categorized to call out important types of changes, such as fixes, deprecations or additions. Bookmark the Changelog and never miss an update again.

That was June at Stax! July is shaping up to be similarly busy, we’re looking forward to getting stuck in. If anything in this list caught your attention, contact us to learn more and see how Stax may work for your organization. See you next month!

By Team Stax