As part of the Versent Group, Stax was born out of the lessons and experience gained from five years delivering enterprise grade, industrial-strength cloud foundation solutions to hundreds of customers in Australia and South East Asia.

Beginning with a 6-8-week detailed analysis and assessment phase, Versent would use the information from a customer’s on-premises infrastructure and processes to formulate a bespoke plan for an Enterprise Native Cloud (ENC).

And while every customer was unique, time and time again, the same constants emerged regardless of company size, industry and maturity. What became clear was that the core requirements for 80% of customers were consistent.

Versent had built a reputation on a proven ability to automate. The philosophy was, if you do something more than once, why not make it repeatable? And so, the idea for Stax was born.

Developed by developers, for developers, Stax is an all-in-one cloud platform that provides a secure foundation for migrating and deploying apps to AWS, while facilitating cost savings and increasing efficiency and visibility. The platform enables businesses to harness all the benefits of AWS without attracting the overheads normally associated with building and maintaining an enterprise cloud platform.

By challenging organizations to rethink “but we are different”, Stax in return enables organizations, whether migrating to the cloud or starting from scratch, to get started in AWS quickly and securely, so they can focus on building amazing, modern, scalable apps.

Stax leverages powerful automation of AWS resources and primitives to provide a cloud environment that is pre-configured in alignment with AWS best practices with enterprise-grade controls, covering security, network connectivity, monitoring and identity and access management.

Stax also empowers teams to become accountable for the cost, wastage, compliance and quality of their AWS deployments through increased visibility across their AWS environments.

Organizations and users can focus on delivering business value by building and deploying applications, rather than diverting attention to configuring and maintaining their AWS environments.

So a “choose your own adventure” now exists. Stax for the 80% with common needs and desires, and a bespoke Versent ENC for the remaining 20% with genuinely unique requirements.

A bespoke ENC can take anywhere from 3-9 months to deliver, depending on complexity, and can be CAPEX intensive. By automating critical tasks, Stax is able to streamline the AWS cloud deployment process and cut the time required to deliver an enterprise-grade, industrial-strength cloud foundation solution from 3-9 months to 48 hours. Stax also shifts funding requirements to an OPEX “licensing and maintenance” model.

Stax differs from an ENC, which is handed over to Day Two operations upon implementation as a point-in-time view of best practice cloud foundations. The benefits of Stax extend well beyond the initial delivery of a “Day One” secure and efficient cloud foundation. With ongoing maintenance, providing Day Two, Day 365, and beyond operational health, well-being and visibility. Constant updates make sure you’re safe and “evergreen”.

The Stax platform allows you to focus on what’s most important to you: running your business and adding value to your customers.

Ultimately, seeing is believing. Interested in taking a look? Reach out to We’d love to show you around our platform and talk you through some of the things we see across the industry.


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By Team Stax