Setting up an AWS Direct Connect to establish connectivity between on-premises networks and AWS networks can be costly and time consuming. Stax makes it much easier, but a Site-to-Site VPN Connection is another way to allow on-premises networks to have access to AWS resources. Site-to-Site VPN can also be used in conjunction with an existing AWS Direct Connect to further strengthen the security between AWS and your on-premises networks.

While creating the customer gateway and the AWS VPN connection can be fairly simple, setting up the routing from the remote network to a VPC or Transit Gateway can be a tricky and tedious task. Routes have to be added to the specific route table of the Transit Gateway or VPC which at scale is more effort when there are more VPCs added to your AWS Network.

What Is AWS Site-to-Site VPN?

VPCs by default can't communicate with a remote on-premises network. This can be achieved by creating an AWS Site-to-Site VPN connection, and configuring routing to pass traffic through the connection.

How It Works

With Stax Connections for AWS VPN, creating this routing is simple. Stax will create a Customer Gateway to consolidate your Site-to-Site VPN Connections for use by your Stax Network. A Site-to-Site VPN Connection can only be connected to a VPC or Transit Gateway within the same account.

Routing between a Site-to-Site VPN Connection and a Transit Gateway is also automatically set-up, allowing VPCs within the Stax Networks to access the on-premises network via VPN as needed. All of this can be done through the Stax Console or Python SDK. Learn more about how Stax Connections works in our documentation.

Stax Is Streamlining On-Premises Connections

This rounds out the currently available on-premises connections that can be added to AWS, making Stax a centralized platform for creating and managing your AWS networking needs.

If your organization is struggling with AWS networking, or you’re considering a migration to the cloud, request a demo of our platform and learn how Stax can help you to obtain real cloud outcomes.

By Team Stax