We recently released a major feature that helps customers establish AWS Direct Connect without dealing with the complexity. With Stax Connections, an enhancement to Stax’s Networks feature, customers can set up their AWS Direct Connect onto any Stax Network.

What is AWS Direct Connect?

AWS Direct Connect establishes a dedicated private connection from an on-premise network to AWS. The main advantages of using AWS Direct Connect are reduced bandwidth costs for more bandwidth-heavy workloads, as well as providing a private and secure connection with a direct line to AWS, instead of traversing through the internet.

While the exact process of establishing a connection using the service depends on your provider, setting up the gateways, associations, routing can take hours. At scale, managing all these resources across multiple accounts can become a nightmare.

AWS Direct Connect Simplified

With Stax Connections for AWS Direct Connect, once you have established your AWS Direct Connect Connection with your service provider, the process of setting up an AWS Direct Connect is simplified. All the gateways, associations, virtual interfaces from every account in your organization are centralized, making ongoing management of the Direct Connection easier.

Stax Connections for AWS Direct Connect consists of an AWS Direct Connect Gateway, an association to a Transit Gateway or Virtual Private Gateway and a Transit or Private Virtual Interface.

Routing between a AWS Direct Connect connection and a Transit Gateway is also automatically set-up, allowing VPCs within the Stax Networks to access the on-premise network as needed. All of this can be done through our Stax Console or our Stax Python SDK. Learn more about how Stax Connections works in our documentation.

Here at Stax, our focus is on using automation and repeatable patterns to improve business processes, reduce maintenance work and make it easier to follow industry best practices. Leave all the mundane work to Stax, so you can focus on what your business does best.

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By Team Stax