Setting up and managing an entire AWS ecosystem is no easy feat. To bolster operations in the cloud, organizations leverage best in breed software for the purposes of monitoring, backing up, or securing their workloads in the cloud.

When integrating third party tools, teams are expected to take on the task of handling the requirements of that integration. These requirements can range in complexity and involvement to get the integration working with your cloud environment.

Each vendor provides instructions for the user to follow, however, if you don’t have the time or skills to complete these, this can delay your outcome by weeks or months. Teams often experience challenges when setup procedures require resource deployment and service configuration across multiple accounts. While some providers offer integration solutions, there may be different methods to choose from and tend to only be on a per account basis, making it difficult when updates need to be made.

Introducing Stax Connections private preview

Today, Stax is introducing a private preview for Stax Connections which minimizes the complexity of integrating solutions across your AWS environment. This new feature helps you fast-track visibility and scanning of your entire ecosystem, so you can hit the ground running in minutes, not months.

In one seamless flow, Stax takes care of the integration requirements by deploying and configuring the necessary resources across your desired accounts. This ensures your provider can securely access your environment and perform the necessary operations to get full value out of your service.

Connections leverages the underlying Stax platform which provides an AWS Well-Architected landing zone, combined with best-practice automation, security controls, and in-built compliance. This means Stax has a clear understanding of where resources should live, how they should be configured, and what is the best way to ensure that your connection just works.

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Stax Connections prototype

If you are interested in trying out this new feature and getting quickly set up with solutions to extend your cloud operations, sign up for our limited-access private preview.

Sign up for Connections private preview

Connections under construction

The first set of connections is in collaboration with some of our partners to enable customers quick and up-to-date access to such solutions as, Plerion, an all-in-one cloud security solution founded by former Cloud Conformity and AWS leaders, and Veeam Backup for AWS, a global leader in backup and recovery.


“We are excited about our partnership with Stax in establishing one of the first connections which will allow customers to quickly get onboarded and gain access to context-rich cloud security insights across their entire cloud infrastructure” - Mike Rahmati, Co-founder and CEO at Plerion.


Veeam Backup for AWS on Stax will be a game changer for customers who are traditionally familiar with on-premises procedures and are looking to extend their cloud operations” - Anthony Spiteri, Regional CTO APJ at Veeam.

If you offer cloud solutions for AWS and are interested in being a partner, please reach out via our contact page.

By Team Stax