Adam Roberts
Stax on Stax
01 Sep 2020

Two Big Risk Management Features Released in August

August saw the Stax team focus on enhancing the platform's Risk Management feature, with an expansion to the checks Stax can make on customers’ resources, and a new way to alert users to changes in their risk posture.

The Stax Foundation Rule Bundle

When a Stax customer creates new accounts using the platform, a process called Account Assurance automatically applies a number of controls to improve the security and risk status of the account. These controls are based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework, CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, and industry best practices.

The Stax Foundation Rule Bundle is a collection of Rules that allows customers to assess any existing AWS accounts’ security and compliance status against that of new accounts created using Stax Account Assurance, making it easier to bring all their accounts to a high standard.

Targeted Rule Alerts

We’ve updated how our Risk Management feature sends alerts to users. Customers can use Stax Rules to make sure their team adheres to their technology risk management framework. Once created, Stax will alert users — by email, Slack or a webhook — when resources begin to fail specific Rules, so they can take action and fix the issue.

Now, users can enable alerts for individual Rules, all Rules, or use advanced filters to create an alert that suits their workflow or organization. For example: "Only send alerts for High-Severity Rules in my Organization’s bundle, but exclude the Rule for password length because I don’t need to know this.”

This update empowers customers to take action when needed by notifying them of the compliance and risk issues that matter to them. Learn more about how it works here.

If your company is struggling to achieve its risk and compliance goals, and you'd like to learn how Stax can help, contact us and we can arrange a demonstration.

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