Mike Middaugh
Stax on Stax
21 Aug 2020

Planning a Migration? There’s No Time to Waste

Stax managing director Mike Middaugh, interviewed on Ticker TV, says with the new pressures brought on by the pandemic, bespoke cloud ecosystems no longer make sense for every business.

It’s finding solutions that can scale and grow with companies. The days of “how long will this take? Months to a year,” are over. It’s making sure you can migrate quickly, you can do it accurately, and with a lot fewer people in a lot less time. Because guess what? No one has that luxury – the shot clock is going to zero and people need to find ways to bring in that IP.


Stax gets businesses up and running on AWS faster, with a secure platform engineered to AWS best-practice standards.

If your business is considering a move to the cloud, contact us and see how our out-of-the-box foundation can accelerate your migration.

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