Ongoing AWS security monitoring and management


With Stax, you’ll have the reassurance of both proactive and reactive security controls. This ensures your AWS ecosystem has a secure foundation while being actively monitored, providing real-time alerts.



The most secure AWS foundation available


Stax is the only native cloud management platform for Amazon Web Service, allowing you to follow Amazon recommendations for optimal security while using the most effective native AWS security tools available.

Solid core security

From the moment of implementation, Stax assures and protects your AWS account with a series of automatically applied security controls. 

  • Hardened security processes with Stax’s Account and Organization Assurance reduce risks and vulnerabilities to your AWS account.

  • Pre-configured AWS cloud security services come as standard and already active.

  • Comprehensive guardrails are included to provide a safe environment from which to develop custom security settings while maintaining high level protection.

  •  Apply pre-configured or custom policies to individual accounts or to your entire organisation

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A full suite of pre-configured AWS security services

To ensure your AWS accounts align to the CIS AWS Foundation Benchmark and the AWS Well-Architected Framework, Stax uses a combination of AWS service presets with compliance in mind.

  • Proactive threat detection is built-in with Amazon GuardDuty to monitor for unauthorized behavior and compromised resources.

  • Maintain comprehensive audit trail logs of API activity with AWS CloudTrail.

  • Centralize protection control and specify the scope of your firewall policies with AWS Firewall Manager.

  • Use AWS IAM to define fine-grain access parameters for all users, roles and policies.

Sharing shared responsibility

The AWS security model is based around shared responsibility — security of the cloud (AWS) and security in the cloud (the customer). Stax lightens the load for AWS customers by sharing in-cloud security management.

  • Stax provides automation solutions for network protection, accounts, roles, policies and encryption.

  • Manage customer data, account access, patch updates and firewall configuration all within Stax’s user-friendly, quick-access environment.


Customize security processes to suit your organization

Through the Stax platform you can amend various security protocols and configurations to make them work for your business.

  • Set up specific protection protocols from the beginning, drilling down to fine-grain specifications by generating validated policies.

  • Enable MFA for additional layers of user access security.

  • All changes you make are protected by the Stax-Protection Service Control Policy, which restricts actions available to root credentials and prevents inadvertent security lapses.

Take a look for yourself


Get in touch to book a product demonstration with one of our experts and find out more about how Stax helps you keep your AWS account secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Security Controls?

Security Controls compile all components and data in the cloud into groups, based on required protection and their vulnerability to external threats. With specific security zones for data and AWS resources with similar requirements, Stax Security Controls minimize potential entry points available for attackers to exploit. Stax also provides continuous monitoring of API and console usage, with any potential issues flagged for our engineers to investigate.

Why are Security Controls important?

Cloud platforms simplify the deployment of highly available distributed apps and services, but they also pose security challenges that need to be addressed. Because AWS is always connected to the internet, you need rock-solid security to keep your data safe at all times. Fortunately, AWS has various highly effective security features, such as Amazon GuardDuty and Amazon CloudWatch, that can be used to protect your account, data and resources. Stax provides an easy-access platform and series of tools to help you monitor and maintain them, so you can ensure your cloud data benefits from the highest level of protection.

What is the AWS Shared Responsibility Model?

AWS operates a shared responsibility model that means all security responsibilities are divided up; some are handled by AWS (security of the cloud), while others are down to the customer to assure against (security in the cloud). As an AWS customer, you’re responsible for the following:
  • Customer data.
  • Platform, applications, AWS identity and access management.
  • Operating system, network and firewall configuration.
  • Client-side data encryption and data integrity authentication.
  • Server-side encryption (file system and/or data).
  • Networking traffic protection (encryption, integrity and identity).
With Stax, many of these responsibilities will be simplified through automation and a succinct platform that makes user accessibility smoother. Stax digitally aids network protection and account assurance with secure zone creation, security auditing, robust policies, enhanced authorization and encryption protocols.

Why choose Stax for your AWS management?

Stax is the only native cloud management platform for AWS that allows you to implement security protocols in the Amazon Cloud. Stax uses tenant isolation to provide the most secure AWS environment for your apps and services. Amazon recommends the use of tenant isolation for optimal security, and with our management software, you can easily follow their recommendation whilst taking advantage of the most effective AWS native security tools available. By maintaining an individual AWS Organization for each customer, we keep your data safe and secure.

Stax are AWS management and configuration experts, able to provide full technical support while using Stax and the AWS monitoring tool it has to offer. Use the Stax console to raise new support cases and manage existing cases, so your team can get the help they need whenever they encounter an issue that they are unable to resolve.

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Want to manage the security of your AWS account?


With the Stax console, you can manage your cloud security in a singular, easy-to-use platform. Speak to one of our team today to see how Stax can help you simply keep your AWS account secure.

Stax Security Compliance


Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between Stax, AWS and the customer. Stax take compliance seriously and understand its significance to both our customers and partners.

For this reason, Stax has obtained independent third-party auditor certifications with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard as a PCI-DSS Service Provider, and the AICPA's SOC for Service Organizations, SOC 2 Type II.

Further, Stax is continually rolling our SOC2 Type II audits each year so that we maintain a high-level of security throughout our product, services and internal operations of our company.