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Use Stax to integrate solutions across your AWS environment and ensure your provider can safely access your environment and perform the necessary operations.

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Secure and managed deployment to get your connection working

Stax Connections takes care of the integration requirements by securely deploying and configuring the necessary resources across your desired accounts. 

By leveraging the underlying Stax well-architected landing zone, Stax has a clear understanding of where resources should live, how they should be configured, and what is the best way to ensure that your connection just works.

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Extend your cloud operations by connecting best in breed solutions in monitoring, logging, development tooling,
and backup and recovery across your entire cloud environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Connection?

A Connection is the automated deployment of resources contained in a template that is required to integrate to a third party. These resources may include least privileged IAM roles or s3 buckets configured to security best practices that allow providers to securely access your AWS environment and perform operations.

What Connections do you support?

The Stax team is collecting expression of interests for the third party apps or solutions you would like to integrate with. Initial candidates include Plerion, Veeam, Datadog, and Terraform.

Do I need an existing subscription with the third party?

Connections currently requires you to have an existing instance or account with with the provider. As part of the workflow, you'll need to provide details of that instance in order for Stax to connect to it.
If you don't have an instance, most solutions offer quick installment via AWS Marketplace.

Do I need to be on the Stax platform in order to use Connections?

Stax Connections will only be available for those who have an AWS account on the Stax platform. To start, you can onboard a test account or create a new account via Stax.
Connections leverages the underlying Stax platform which provides an AWS Well-Architected landing zone, configuring AWS services to best-practice across all accounts and regions. This means Stax has a clear understanding of where resources should live, how they should be configured, and what is the best way to ensure that your connection just works.

What kind of support is available when using Connections private preview?

Support will not be available for the private preview until the feature is generally available.

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